The ‘00s may feel like they were just yesterday, but looking back there are a few cringy things that we want to wipe from our memory.

Ah the memories!

1. You always had to get a cab or convince someone to be designated driver because there was no such thing as Uber or late night public transport

2. Glitter. Everywhere. Body glitter, glitter lipstick, glitter eyeshadow, glitter nail polish. It was never ending.

3. Over-plucking and over-waxing our eyebrows until they were nearly non-existent or worse, they started to take on the shape of sperm…

4. Putting hundreds of butterfly clips in your hair and clipping them in so tight that your head ached by the end of the night


5. Taking three times as long to text on our Nokia 3310 or Motorola Razr. Then wait to hear our custom monophonic ringtone when someone texted back

6. Playing Singstar at pre-drinks and competing with friends to see who got the most points

7. Having hair that was either poker straight or crunchy and frozen from using too much gel, mousse and hairspray

8. Overdoing it with fake tan that made you orange or using too much bronzer without contouring and blending

9. Opting for mint strips instead of normal mints or gum as your go to breath freshener


10. Wearing one shoulder or backless tops that were all the rage from City Beach or Supre

11. Hipster flared jeans that hardly covered anything up top and would show off your underwear, or even worse, bum crack whenever you bent over or sat down

12. Thick layers of lip gloss like Juicy Tubes, Body Shop or Caboodles. Which inevitably ended with our hair getting stuck in our lips over and over again

13. Drinking Smirnoff Double Blacks, Jager Bombs or Cruisers and ending up with a horrible sugar hangover

14. Sequins and sparkles were completely acceptable on tops and dresses – there is no such thing as too much sparkle


15. Taking out actual digital cameras because mobile phones didn’t have cameras, or the cameras just didn’t do a girls’ night out justice

16. Then spend the next week hassling the owner of said camera to upload the photos to Myspace

17. Knowing the choreography to all of the macarena, 5,6,7,8, the ketchup song, Nutbush city limits and Stop by the Spice Girls and running to the dance floor when any of the above were played

18. Getting Maccas or Hungry Jacks on the way home – because they were the only things open at that time of night and UberEats didn’t exist.

19. Swearing off boys in those few years when ‘metro mullets’ or the ‘spiky at the front’ hair trends were all the rage


20. Watching Friends, Will & Grace or Laguna Beach marathons all Sunday because they were always on TV