As Bring It On edges closer to its 20th Anniversary, Kirsten Dunst has vocalised her interest in a series reboot.

There is no denying that Bring It On is a defining moment from most of our childhood’s, teaching us how to fight in a cheerocracy, opening up our worlds to the magic of spirit fingers, and getting a whole lot of catchy cheers stuck in our heads! I’m sexy, I’m cute…

Two decades later, we’re still obsessed, and apparently Kirsten Dunst is too.

After a recent reuninon with co-star Gabrielle Union for a Rodarte Campaign, Dunst has been ‘Ready, okay’d’ with Bring It On related questions.

ET reports that during a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Dunst was asked whether she’d be interested in a reunion.

“If they wanted to make another movie, I would make another movie. It would be so fun!” Dunst told Kelly Clarkson.

“We made that movie for no money, zero money,” Dunst said. “It was a Universal movie but one of those where they’re just like, ‘Go do what you want.’ … That’s always the best when you don’t expect anything and then [it] became so huge.”


The OG film’s Director, Peyton Reed, has also discussed a reunion in an ET interview in 2018.

“It’s something that we’ve actually talked about — and I’ve talked about it with the actors and [writer] Jessica Bendinger,” he shared. “Could you do like, a 20-year later thing to just pick up where they are now, make it this generational thing? It’s something we’ve kind of talked about over the years but never quite honed in on it.”

This wouldn’t be the first or second or third or fourth sequel for Bring It On but it would be the first to feature the original cast.

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