If you thought Game of Thrones ended when the Iron Throne was destroyed in the season 8 finale, think again!

Oh…spoiler alert for the above line, by the way.

A Game of Thrones stage show is on its way with the events of the production taking place around 16 years before the first GoT book and episode.

George RR Martin, the creator of everything Game of Thrones confirmed that the show will be headed to London’s West End and Broadway, but Aussies fans might get the world premiere.

The world of Westeros is slated to hit the stage across the globe in 2023.

Martin confirmed that we’ll get to see many of the key characters that we love (and hate) again, but promises that the show will take the story in new directions.

We’re assuming by that he means death. Lots of death.


The producers are reportedly in discussions with theatres in Australia, UK and USA right now about where the show will premiere.

We say there’s no better place to premiere a show than Australia!

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