In news our Australian 0000’s-popstars-loving souls desperately need at this time, there are rumours that Sophie, Belinda, Chantelle, Tiffani & Katie are reuniting and I’m instantly poisoned.

According to The Daily Telegraph, The Morning Show reached out to all former members of Bardot about appearing on the show & everyone was in, bar Sophie – totally CRUSHED.

Allegedly Belinda said, “All five getting together is a low probability in my view. Given the way the band was dissolved, I doubt that Sophie would be able to face the girls – and certainly not on television.”

Did you get your umbrella out reading that? Talk about SHADE!

Rumour or not, I know you all just ran to your old dusty CD collection and whipped out that famous pink Bardot album and are blasting ‘ I Should Have Never Let You Go’ – you’re only human.

While we wait to see if this reunion could potentially happen, let’s relive the unmatched Aussie Pop masterpiece that was…


Also let’s start movement… #JUSTICEFORSCANDAL’US… who’s with me?

Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin Terry & Kip!