Are we the only ones who missed this?

It turns out there was a super sneaky celebrity cameo in the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody!

Did you spot the one and only ADAM LAMBERT?

Neither did we!

Remember when Freddie is away on tour, and calls his then fiancée Mary Austin from a payphone?

During the call, he exchanges a few steamy glances with a nearby trucker, who is apparently keen for a bit of Freddie action… Well – that trucker is Adam Lambert!

The very same Adam Lambert we’ve come to love, who has been on tour with Queen for the last six years.


Lambert has previously established his love for Freddie.

“Musically, I loved his attack: He was very aggressive and seemed in control of everything he was singing. Later, seeing some live performances [on video], it was also his stage presence, the way he was so over the top,” he wrote. “I knew he meant to be campy and wild to entertain people. I identified with that in him very quickly.”

Most recently, Queen and Adam Lambert completed a month-long Las Vegas residency in September.

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