Whelp, that didn’t last long..

The internet went into a frenzy about a week ago when keen-eyed fans noticed Pete Davidson had created a new Instagram account.

Pictured: Excited Pete Davidson Fan

But alas, after mere days of existence his Instagram account has been deleted. The running theory online is he removed the account after being flooded with less than friendly messages and comments from Kanye West fans telling him to “find god” and calling him “Skete” (Kanye’s derogatory nickname for Davidson).

The last time Pete stepped away from social media was to protect his mental health so it isn’t all that surprising he’s made an exit amid the current drama surrounding his relationship with Kim Kardashian (and her definitely not completely insane ex-husband). Hopefully we’ll see him return at some point in the future but until that day is upon us watch, re-watch, and watch again this beautiful rendition of “Yeet Skrrt”