Amanda Bynes will always hold a special place in our now 30-something-year-old hearts.

She was the breakout star of our generation and boy, she was going places!

After commercial success and critical acclaim, things went south for the troubled star and her days in the spotlight dimmed instantly.

The “The Amanda Show” star shared a post on Instagram this week, dropping a teaser of sorts to her new track, ‘Diamonds’.

Check it out here:


We hear Amanda spit a few lines, mere seconds worth, stating “Diamonds, Diamonds on my neck, on my wrist.”

I’m not sure what to think here. Is this a one-off? Is this the start of something new?

Only time will tell, but in all honesty, good for her. If this is the creative path she has chosen, then best of luck to her!

Oh, and one more thing… MAH-HA!

(If you know, you know!)