Micallef was part of the shows first lesbian pairing and it didn’t end well…

The pair fought to the bitter end and the reunion showed they were incredibly cold to one another. Tash, Amanda’s TV wife seemed to just outright ignore Amanda.

Micallef was a personal trainer before participating in the reality show and has now picked up a gig on community radio.

She’ll be answering questions from listeners and sharing thoughts on different topics on Thursdays so it’s only a part time gig. 

Apparently the station got inspired by the regular Q & A’s Micallef holds on her Instagram.


According to The Daily Mail, she’s got another radio gig lined up in the future too!

‘I’ve also got another gig lined up with a comedian who works on radio. I can’t say too much about that, but it’s in the pipeline,’ she stated, ‘It’s all happening. Look out, Hughesy and Kate, I’m coming for you.’

Only time will tell…