It’s starting tonight and I’m still not over the chaos that was Bachie in Paradise!

But alas, it’s time to shed my skin and regrow it for the new season.

I hope you’re all gathering your friends and stock piling the wine for tonight.

But before then you need to know all the tea.

According to a super secret ‘Bachelor source’ told Woman’s Day that producers struggled really hard to get girls to lock down on the show.

Which sounds insane because Locky is… well… very smart?


Apparently it’s because of the man spends six months a year in Bali because he owns an adventure tourism company there?!

As if that’s a DEAL BREAKER? The man owns a company?!

“There was a revolving door of women, it was quite a headache for casting,” the super secret source told Woman’s Day.

“A lot of women were disinterested – it was just hard to get them to sign up and compete for a guy who spends half his life in another country.”

I’m baffled by this.


“The first weeks of filming were quite awkward because of all that… the girls had to really be encouraged by producers to take the process seriously and put it all on the line for him.”

I hope Locky finds love despite this!

Why do I think it won’t be a problem..

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