Schapelle Corby made headlines when it was revealed that she would be participating in Channel 7’s new show SAS Australia.

The premiere episode saw a HUGE number of people watching the show, whether it was because of the stellar line up or the sweet satisfaction of watching famous people being yelled at by an attractive British man- who can say?

According to The Daily Telegraph rumours that Corby was earning the most out of all the contestants with a $150, 000 pay check, is completely false.

An insider spoke to the publication “There’s no way in the world, it’s total bs.”

“Part of their pitch was that everyone is on the same money. They said it’s a ‘favoured nations fee’, there’s a flat fee and an additional daily rate you’re paid for each day you stay on.”

The source couldn’t reveal the exact number but said it was less than $100,000 each.

“All I’ll say is the total talent fee would’ve been less than $1 million for the entire group… a good investment for Channel 7 as ratings are through the roof.”



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