Is ANYONE watching this season?

It’s boasted the lowest ratings in it’s program’s history and the question really is why?

Are we all Bachie’d out? Are we not relating to the Bachelorettes? Is there no chemistry between the lads and lasses?

Seems that way with a ‘ Bachelorette insider’ talking to Megan Pustetto on the So Dramatic! podcast about the male contestants wandering eyes…

It’s not the first time we’ve heard that many of the boys were disappointed with Elly and Becky, many hoping they’d be dating Sharna Burgess.

According to Pustetto’s insider “Some of the boys were hitting on the hair and makeup ladies – as soon as the mics were off, and the cameras werent rolling, a few of the guys would show their true colours and would start chatting up the makeup ladies.”

“They were flirting with them, and even asked if they were single. One of the guys even asked one of them for their number, so he could catch up with her once he was on the show.”


This insider even named and shamed James & Jake as the culprits, annoyed because they felt like they were there for genuine reasons whereas many of the guys were not.

It’s hard to fully believe any of this ‘gossip’, it’s all he said she said, but if it’s true then the casting directors on the show need to be doing a better job!


Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin Terry & Kip!