Our Music Director Louise Poole braved the heat to head to Sirromet Winery and join the crowd at A Day On The Green this weekend – and it was well worth sweating it out!

While Queensland may have been smashing records for the HOTTEST February day on record over the weekend, some turned to the air conditioner, some to the beach, and the others said ‘Bugger the heat. We’re getting our 80’s on at A Day On The Green’.

Sure, it might’ve been hot enough to melt your thongs to the pavement, but that didn’t stop a capacity crowd from turning up at Sirromet Winery on Sunday to check out headline acts The B52s and Simple Minds.

Was it worth the heat? YESSSSS!!! Even if only to scream out every word of Loveshack.

The Models and The Machinations whipped up the crowd but it was the B52’s who really lifted the rusted tin roof.

The quintessential 80’s band brought the crowd to their feet with their infectious and eclectic pop.


The original lineup providing an intricate blend of frenetic vocals and instruments, that transported the audience straight back to their youth – I mean, only in the 80s would you hear a cowbell, bongos and a slide whistle in a hit song!

Plus it’s pretty empowering in a never-too-late-to-follow-your-dreams kind of way, to watch musicians in their 60s (particularly strong women) holding the crowd captive on their every word.

Of course no true 80’s revival is complete without the iconic Breakfast Club Soundtrack song – Don’t You (Forget About Me). Lucky for us, Simple Minds were there to deliver.

As lead vocalist Jim Kerr tells us, they’re celebrating the 40th anniversary of their first show on Valentine’s Day, and it’s clear that just like a fine wine – they’ve only gotten better with age.

Synth and guitar magic, in a gorgeous venue, as there’s a full moon on the rise – there is perhaps no better way to round out a weekend.


Plus a shout out to those misting tents which were a great idea from the organisers to keep us cool.

So hats off (and shirts off) to everyone who braved the heat yesterday for an awesome A Day on the Green!

What was your fave performance? Watch The B52s Perform Loveshack above!

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