Congratulations are in order for noughties heartthrob Taylor Hanson. 

He and wife, Natalie, are expecting their sixth child together. 

The Hanson singer announced the news on his social media pages. 

“What’s better than being a dad of five? Perhaps being a dad of six,” the star posted. .

“Baby Hanson coming in December and we are over the moon.”


Natalie also posted to her own social media accounts to share the news. 

“Taylor and I are so thrilled to share the news that baby number six is coming this December!” Natalie said.

“Ezra, Penny, River, Viggo and especially Wilhelmina can’t wait to be big brothers and sisters again!”

… If there’s anything to be sure of, the sixth Hanson addition will have an original name to match its brothers and sisters. 

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