It almost feels like we all just stopped hating on last year’s Bachelor Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins after he chose no one in his season finale.

But it look like that hate is about to come rushing back after season two of Bachelor In Paradise airs tonight!

In one of the teaser trailers for the upcoming season of BIP, Brooke Blurton is heard teasing a major secret about Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins.

The bombshell is so big that she says, ‘He’s going to hate me for this’, and as she reveals the information to the other girls they are quite clearly visibly shocked by the news.

Of course, since the promo aired we’ve all been making guesses about what the bombshell could be. And so to get an idea of if we’re heading down the right track, Kyle and Jackie O decided to test their predictions with two of this year’s cast members, Alex Nation and Alisha Aitken-Radburn.


And by Alisha’s reaction to Jackie’s prediction, we think we’ve hit the secret right on the money!

“They’re dropping a bombshell about Honey Badger, well Brooke is. She was the one that was third and decided to leave of her own accord,” Jackie said.

“We’ve been speculating behind the scenes about what we think that is.”

“Small d*ck was my idea,” Kyle said.

Hilarious of course. But it was Jackie’s answer that we think is the more likely possibility.

“My theory was that she’s going to tell them that Honey Badger came to her and said, ‘Look, I’m not going to choose anyone and maybe you should just go’,” Jackie revealed.


Alisha looked back at Jackie and you can see a smirk on her face that seemed to say she’d hit the nail on the head.

“Better tune in tonight, 7:30 on Ten,” Alisha said slyly.

Clearly she couldn’t shout, ‘Yep! That’s it!’ because she’d definitely get in trouble from BIP producers. But we think she was hinting that we were at least getting warm with our theory.

“I can’t wait for you guys to know because I was just, you’ll see it tonight,” Alisha continued

. “You guys were shook,” Alex added.

“I was just like, ‘Is this guy for real?’” Alisha said.


“Honey Badger, when our season wrapped, he said like, ‘Let’s go, I’ll just buy the girls a drink, we’ll go have a drink, it’ll be like water under the bridge.’

“Mate, if he offered to buy me a drink in a bar, it’s going on him.”

Well whatever the bombshell is, it clearly made the girls on his season SO MAD! We can’t wait to watch it all unfold…

Bachelor In Paradise premieres tonight 7:30PM on Ten!

See Alex and Alisha’s full interview with kyle and jackie o in the video above!

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