Last night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise saw Cass Wood rejected by Richie Strahan after he revealed he couldn’t see a long-term future with her outside of the series.

The ex-Bachelor star expressed his uncertainty over their long-distance relationship once the show wrapped, and didn’t want to lead Cass on by staying on the show.

Cassie, who was left deeply upset over the incident, left Paradise shortly after. 

“As soon as he came in, there was a bit of chemistry,” Cass told TV WEEK. “I thought he just had such nice eyes, and I was nervous around him, which was a good sign. We hit it off.

“Eventually, we did end up kissing!” she continued.

“It was a good pace for Richie and I. We both wanted to take things slow. I was in no rush.”

However, Cass reveals there were no hard feelings at the end of the day, telling the publication that they were quick to clear the air away from the cameras. 


“We spoke pretty much straight after getting back to Australia, a couple times, which I think was important for us to do. We just needed to clear the air,” she says. “He’s a really good person and we’re on good terms.”

Now, we can confirm that Cass has moved on from Richie, revealing that she is “super excited” to go public with her new boyfriend, Tyson.

“I can gladly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “And I’m so grateful for all of you for being so supportive and protective of me. My heart is so full.”

The 24-year-old reportedly first met the rugby player in 2017.

“The ‘dream journal’ was right, I wanted to meet my soul mate when I was 23… and guess what I met him at 23!”


“He’s always been around because we have a similar friend group with rugby and, after coming home from Paradise, he came back in to my life and we just hit it off again. Now we’re ‘officially’ dating and I’m super happy!”

Go Cass!


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