The count down is officially on for Bachelor In Paradise Australia’s second season and we couldn’t be more excited.

One week out from the big day, with the premiere date set for Tuesday April 9, Channel Ten have revealed which cast members will be entering the Fijian paradise first.

And having already seen the cast list, by simple matters of subtraction we can work out exactly who will meet each other first and who will be the intruders heading into the show late to stir up trouble.

Turns out that most of the Honey Badger’s lot from the last season of the Bachelor will be hitting the cocktails poolside first with the network confirming Brooke, Cass and Shannon will be some of the first cast members to enter the show.

Cat and Alisha will also get their second chance at love first up, along with Bachie regular Rachael from Richie’s season, who also appeared on BIP last year.


As for the guys, we’re being told that only three will be brought in immediately and they’re all from Ali’s season of the Bachelorette. Hitting the sand in sunny Fiji first will be Bill, Nathan and Paddy.

They have confirmed that plenty more faces will be popping into paradise along the way and based off the cast list we were provided with earlier we now know who most of these intruders will be. And they’re GOOD!

Alex Nation, Brittany Woodford and Vanessa Sunshine will be the intruder gals while James Trethewie and Richie Strahan are the guys along with an american ring in, alex Bordyukov.

Of course, we reckon there will be a few more names added to the bunch that we don’t know about yet just to add some extra drama!

Bachelor In Paradise season two kicks off next Tuesday night at 7:30pm on Channel Ten.


Our popcorn and wine is ready!