With all of the drama that erupted on Australia’s first season of Bachelor In Paradise, it seemed that Ali Oetjen and her then partner Grant Kemp were one of the more tame couples on the show.

However, it wasn’t until their relationship broke down after the show finished airing that we realised this was FAR from the case!

You might remember a few months ago, back in May, that Grant Kemp came on with Kyle and Jackie O and sensationally claimed that the reason their relationship didn’t work out was because she cheated on him with his friend.

In fact, he was pretty graphic with the details and claimed that he had walked in on this guy going down on Ali on his staircase after a party at his house!

“I walked down the front to find my friends, from my house, came back inside and he was going down on her on my stairs and I kicked her out of my house,” alleged Grant. “I left my house for five minutes and that’s what happened.”


At the time, Ali didn’t respond to the claims from her ex, but now that she’s about to start doing press for her upcoming season of The Bachelorette, she has chosen to speak out, denying the rumours completely.

Speaking to Stellar Magazine, the 32-year-old said that Grant has lied about their breakup and is more worried about keeping his name in the spotlight.

“He wants to keep on grabbing those headlines. It speaks volumes for who he is really,” said Ali.

Ali went on to say that the reason she stayed quiet at the time was because she didn’t want to supply Grant with anymore ammunition.

“My major reason for not saying anything is that I don’t want to give him any ammunition or any reason to keep coming back in the limelight, which is what he wants,” she concluded.


Grant has not yet responded to Ali’s comments.

This comes as Ali is set to star as the leading lady in The Bachelorette later this month with her first promo airing last week!

It was previously rumoured that Ali would address Grant’s claims during her episodes of the Bachelorette as some of the guys knew about the rumours, however, now that she’s come out and said they’re not true we doubt the story will change on the show.

You can watch the teaser for Ali’s season of the Bachelorette in the video below!

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