The Bachelor is getting right down to the pointy end of the competition, with only 7 girls remaining, competing to win The Honey Badger’s heart.

The most recent boot-off was the last remaining intruder, Jamie-Lee, who didn’t really get a chance to connect with the Bachelor at all.

On the first night, she was ‘accidentally’ slide tackled by front-runner, Brooke, on her first ever group date.

So from day dot, Jamie-Lee was confined to a moon-boot and had to sit out of a lot of activities.

Jamie-Lee and Brooke both revealed, on different occasions, that they identify as bisexual – and rumours ensued.

Sources say that Jamie-Lee and Brooke hooked up in the mansion, and a relationship was developing on the outside, after the show was finished filming.


Jamie-Lee recently said in an interview with our sister station The Edge 96.1 that she’s ‘just friends with Brooke.’

She went on to say, ‘It’s such a backwards assumption that every bi-sexual person must be together. Like, if there’s two bi-sexual people in a room, they must be together. I don’t really even think about gender when I’m looking at a partner.’

It has been confirmed that Jamie-Lee is back with her ex-girlfriend, after leaving the house.

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