When Osher Gunsberg is busy at the Bachelor mansion, his adorable cavoodle puppy Frankie has an interesting pastime.

Listening to audiobooks…

Sometimes it’s Osher’s own audiobook, other times Frankie opts for the classics – he’s a very well rounded cavoodle.

This may sound super strange, but there is a very good reason for it.

Osher has teamed up with Audible to release a host of audiobooks geared towards dogs for when their owners are off living their life.

And the more we look into it, the more we’re sold.

“Audible for dogs is based on some research that came out of the UK that shows if you use an audio book on versus the television or classical music… the audio book has shown to have improved behavioural outcomes,” Osher said.


“Particularly if the narrator of the audio book’s voice is similar to that of the primary owner.

“Frankie listens to my voice through the day – he must think I’ve just in another room, I don’t know?!”

Working with an animal behaviourist, Dr Susan Hazel, the audiobooks look into the pace of the reading, tone of voice, so it’s not too exciting or agitating.

“They are more placid through the day, they exhibit less ‘vigilant behaviour’ – to be sitting up, ears up, looking out the window, what’s that noise, who’s that down the street,” Osher said.


“He seems to be more chill, he tends not to run to the door, he’s like ‘oh what are you doing here’… that’s me putting words into my dog’s mouth.

 “I’m a big advocate for a companion animal and so I am all for anything that can encourage you to do the best thing for your companion.”

So is buying an audiobook exclusively for his dog the most crazy thing Osh has done for his fur-baby?

“The most outrageous thing I’ve done for Frank – I don’t think I’m out of the ordinary for putting him in a superhero outfit for his birthday…” he joked.

“I call him frank cos I like to butch him up.”

If it’s good enough for Osher and Frankie, it’s good enough for us! 


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