Well we’re still waiting for Bachelor In Paradise to star airing on TV but we’ve already decided our favourite couple for the season.

And we’re seriously praying that they’re one of the three couples that are set to find love together at the end!

Thanks to a new trailer released by Network 10, we’ve just found out that two Bachie favs Brittany Hockley from Honey Badger’s season and Timm Hanly from Angie Kent’s season get together!


And honestly we couldn’t love this pairing more!

In the short teaser we see Britt enter paradise after Timm and as she enters Timm says, “Is that the girl from Badger’s season? F*ck she’s so hot!”

Now you might think that these two would make somewhat of a weird pairing. Brittany’s so prim and proper while Timm is, well, Timm, but as the teaser says opposites attract!

They also have a lot in common having both made it to the final rose ceremony on their respective seasons only to get their hearts broken.

Brittany tells us that Timm certainly isn’t her usual type, but she gives him a shot anyway and by the end of the teaser she seems to have changed her tune and they’re full on making out in a bath tub!

It’s so good because all we wanted after each of their seasons was for these two to find love and it looks like they just might have in paradise! Fingers crossed!


We also go another little teaser for the new season yesterday which teased Abbie Chatfield and Ciarran Stott getting together, but something tells us things don’t work out too well for them…

All we have to say now is, BRING ON PARADISE!

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