Tom Hanks has snapped at a group of fans after they appeared to nearly push his wife, Rita Wilson, to the ground as they eagerly followed the famous couple.

Video of the scene shows a flood of people behind the Elvis actor as he and his wife approached their vehicle. One person – who appears distracted trying to catch Hanks’ attention – bumps into Wilson, nearly knocking her over. Wilson can be heard yelling “woah” as she nearly falls, and tells the crowd to “stop it.”


Fans have worried about the actors health since he was seen visibly shaking earlier this week. #tomhanks #ritawilson #uncrazed

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Hanks drew the line, stopping and turning to face the crowd of people.

Footage shows Hanks gesturing everyone to stay back while yelling, “back the f*** off!”

Hanks is then led away from the group and into their vehicle as people behind the camera call out, “sorry about that, Tom.”


(Source: iHeartRadio)

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