Beau Ryan has been travelling around the world recently recording his new TV show, The Amazing Race Australia for Network 10.

Ahead of the premiere of the show tonight, Beau joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show to tell us all about it.

He told us that it was one of the hardest thing that he’s ever had to do! And being a former professional NRL player, it must have been pretty darn hard!

“It was hard, one of the hardest things probably emotionally that I’ve ever done,” Beau told us. “Physically it was hard but just the sleep deprivation.”

As the host, Beau travelled from country to country each day along with the contestants of the show and had to wait at each pit stop for every single team to arrive, which at times could take hours.


“We were in the desert once and one of the teams came in at I think about 11 or 12 because there’s a fast forward and they skip past all of the challenges and then the last team come in at about 8’O clock at night,” Beau explained.

But it certainly seems like the hard work was worth it! Kyle being Kyle wasn’t afraid to ask Beau how much he was paid to host The Amazing Race on air this morning, and Beau claimed that it’s similar to the cash prize that the winning team gets!

“About the same as the winner,” Beau said.

“What does the winner get?” Jackie continued.

“About 250 yeah,” Beau laughed.

That’s not $250, that’s $250,000!


“I love that you just answered that question,” Jackie laughed.

But by the sounds of it, Network 10 really made Beau work for that dough!

While it might seem like Beau has it fairly easy standing at the various pit stops, he told us that he actually had to do all of the challenges that the teams had to do as demonstrations!

“I did a lot of the challenges,” Beau revealed. “Everyone’s like, ‘Oh you just go on a holiday and just stand at the pit stop’ but that’s not what it was like. I did a lot of the challenges, which sounded like a good idea when I signed. But it was hard”

If you’re familiar with The Amazing Race at all, you’ll know that these challenges can be anything from Skydiving, to eating something disgusting, to slingshotting cheese. The could be literally ANYTHING and usually relate to the country that they’re in at the time.

“I pride myself on how fit I am but it was hard man!”


You can hear more about Beau Ryan’s experience on The Amazing Race Australia in the video above!

The Amazing Race Australia kicks off tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10!