Female empowerment and true girl power has been at the forefront of some of the most inspirational songs, especially recently. And more than ever before, stars are using their platforms to advocate for equality and uplift women all over the world in many ways.

To celebrate International Women’s Day (and Women’s History Month), many of your favorite female artists are opening up about what it means to be a woman today, what empowers and inspires them, and which women they lookup to the most.

Bebe Rexha tells iHeartRadio that it’s an exciting time right now, and says of being a woman in the music world, “We’re paving the way for other women who are about to come into the industry.” Rexha has had a lot of inspiration to shape her into the person she has become today, and cites her mother as the woman she looks up to the most. She tells us, “She’s a very strong woman and she’s taught me to be independent and love myself.”

Meanwhile, rising pop star Fletcher tells us that she admires women who are true to themselves and who uplift others. She tells us, “I think the women that inspire me the most are the ones that are just the most unapologetically themselves and that are speaking their truths and using their platforms for good. And the women that are out there in the world that just really wanna make this world a better place by sharing their honest experiences and not being afraid to share what they’ve been through.”

Speaking of sharing experiences, Fletcher released an empowering song called “I Believe You” inspired by sexual assault and the Me Too Movement. She tells us of the song, “I wanted to be able to give those women a platform and a voice to share sort of what they had gone through.”

That sentiment echoes what budding country singer/songwriter Lauren Jenkins had to say. She tells us, “Women’s stories and songs need to be heard.” She adds that as far as female role models go, she looks up to her younger sister, revealing, “Even though I’ve always sort of felt like her mom, but she’s just grown so much since she was younger to the woman that she is now.” Jenkins adds, “And I look up to Meryl Streep and Michelle Obama. I would love to have wine with them.”

Article: Taylor Fields


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