The girls from the 3pm Pickup are known for giving us a glimpse into their personal lives as they get brutally honest about life, family and love.

In an extra sweet turn, hosts Monty Diamond and Bec Judd revealed that they had both been with their partners for a whopping 15 years!

Of course while long-term relationships are mostly filled with deep feelings of love, admiration and appreciation, couples are bound to go through their ups and downs, and Bec herself revealed that she has times on the odd occasion when she feels a bit “meh” about her husband Chris Judd.

“We love each other and we’ve been together forever and we never fight but sometimes I annoy him and he annoys me,” explained Bec.

We feel ya Bec! It’s only natural for us girls to get annoyed when our partners don’t put the toilet seat down, or for guys to get a little fed up with us when we nag them about said toilet seat…

But luckily, Bec has developed a strategy that she swears helps get her out of the romantic slump that sometimes creeps up on her marriage, and she shared her pearls of wisdom with Monty and her listeners during the show.

Apparently, the way to reignite that romantic spark is through some classic love songs!


“What I do is, I’d go to romance, browse romance, and then go to either 90s love songs or timeless love songs and I play a couple bangers that remind me of him,” said Bec. “And it makes me fall instantly back in love with him hard.”

According to Bec, there’s just something about those relaxing tunes and heartfelt lyrics that get her heart pounding, just like the first time that she fell in love with Juddy!

So if you’re looking to test out this theory and need some inspiration for some songs to use, Bec says that tunes like ‘I Love You Always Forever’ by Donna Lewis and ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ by James Arthur provide her with all of the feels.

And if you’re feeling a bit doubtful about Bec’s romance strategy, at least as Monty says, “It’s cheaper than going to therapy!”. Too true Monty. Too true!

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