Andy Lee is a massive name in the radio biz now thanks to his work with comedy partner Hamish Blake with the pair since taking their popular show to TV and their own podcast.

But before Andy made a name for himself, did you know that his first gig in the radio world was actually working for Kyle and Jackie O?

We certainly didn’t! And we can’t believe that after all the times that we’ve spoken to Andy in the past that it’s never come up before!

But it wasn’t until this morning that Andy revealed the little titbit, telling us that he actually used to be the panel operator during Kyle and Jackie’s Hot 30 Days!

Andy was congratulating Kyle and Jackie O on celebrating 20 years on air together when he told us about our history together.


“Do you guys know that I panelled for you guys for the Hot 30 Countdown?” Andy asked.

Kyle and Jackie didn’t believe him at first because they honestly didn’t remember it!

“Noooo!” exclaimed Jackie.

“Oh hang on, all those years ago you were panelling in the Melbourne studios?” Kyle asked.

“Yes, my first job in radio was panelling for you guys in 2003,” Andy revealed.


Kyle and Jackie were in shock! But that’s not all. Andy not only started with us, but he was quickly moved on from our show after making a BIG mistake.

“I got moved on after I thought I’d put you guys to air for one entire break and I’d gone to the toilet and hadn’t, so Melbourne just had nothing for a fair bit,” Andy told us.

That’s basically panel op 101 – NEVER let a show go to dead air… But luckily Andy’s boss was pretty cool about it. Although Kyle and Jackie never knew that it even happened!

“And I felt really bad and I was like, ‘I need to talk to Kyle and Jackie O and apologise’ and he [Andy’s boss] said, ‘No. if they don’t find out, let’s just leave it’.

“And now I know a lot more about Kyle and I’m glad I never mentioned it,” he laughed.


Yep that couldn’t be more true! Anyone who listens to the Kyle and Jackie O show now knows that Kyle doesn’t go easy on his current panel op Shivering Adam…

“Kyle would have cracked it back in those days,” Jackie exclaimed. “Even the little things used to rile him up.”

Turns out Kyle used to actually call up the panel ops that were controlling the show in each state if they ever made even the slightest mistake so Andy is SO lucky to have made it out of that one without the guys ever even knowing about it!

But maybe that one mistake was actually a good thing for Andy, because after leaving our show he was given his first show with Hamish called ‘The Almost Tuesday Show’.

“It aired on Monday nights and the reason we called it ‘The Almost Tuesday Show’ is because Kyle and Jackie O would run over an hour late,” Andy said. “We were meant to be on at 10 till 12 and we always started at about 11:14.”

Hilarious! And luckily there were no big stuff ups on that show because Andy wasn’t allowed anywhere near the panel buttons…


We’re literally just still in shock that we never knew that Andy Lee was part of the Kyle and Jackie O team! Crazy!

Hear more from our chat with Andy in the podcast below!

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