Pick your jaw up from the floor, you read that right.

Beyoncé was paid to perform at Dubai’s newest hotel grand opening, Atlantis The Royal. Her one hour performance cost the hotel a whopping $35 million dollars. Not for the fireworks, water display, costumes, back up dancers etc. just for the talent herself.

Atlantis The Royal costed a total of $1.6 billion to build over six years. The invite-only grand opening boasted a guest list that included Jay-Z, Rebel Wilson, Kendall Jenner, Liam Payne and some Aussies stars like Sonia Kruger and Scotty Cam.

Queen Bey stayed in the hotel’s 11,000 square foot ‘Royal Mansion’ that costs $100k per night! The hotel has 43 levels, 231 luxury apartments as well as 693 hotel rooms and 102 suites. It has multiple pools, including 44 private infinity pools, a helipad and a tank with over 4000 jellyfish. As for dining, the restaurants are also run by global celebrity chefs.

The event had strict guidelines of no film or photography, however in this day and age it’s hard to stop. Check out a snippet of the mammoth performance that was:



Check out the luxurious hotel here.

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