Bianca got emotional this morning after admitting to being “exhausted” trying to live up to the expectation to be and look perfect. 

Taryn Brumfitt is a leader in the body positivity movement after releasing both a book and documentary ‘Embrace Yourself’ and she called in to help talk Bee through some of her concerns. 

“We’ve spent most of our lives hating our bodies – it’s a new thing to love our bodies,” Brumfitt said. 

“It’s not just going to happen and happy every day – I’m going to say the word – it’s a journey and you actually have to work on it. 

“You don’t get to this place of joy and freedom and unconditional love overnight, it just doesn’t happen. You need to put some work in but it is so, so worth it!” 

Bianca is joining Taryn at the Powerhouse on Tuesday 4 September In Conversation for a discussion on all things body image, positivity and other issues that impact us all regularly. 


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