Mike had been sitting on an idea for a few days and finally brought it up with Bianca this morning. 

And you know what – it’s pretty genius!

Mike has appointed Bianca the “Unofficial Mayor Of Brisbane”. 

Don’t get us wrong – Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is doing a fabulous job, but we think all of his time is taken up on the big things. 

So we think by injecting a bit of a feminine touch in the form of an offsider it will mean more FUN for Brisbane. 

We’re open to ideas and suggestions!


Are there events or activities Bianca should get involved in? Any shop openings that deserve a ribbon cutting? Freebies we can try to wrangle through our contacts? Or a way just to give back to the Brisbane community. 

We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below. And keep listening to Bianca, Mike and Bob weekdays from 5:30am and you could just hear about an exclusive deal or fun event to do this weekend! 

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