Bianca Dye took time away from the breakfast show in the past two weeks to grieve. 

After months preparing for her first round of IVF and finally falling pregnant, she miscarried at nine weeks. 

The moment she heard that there was no heartbeat was like a rug had been pulled out from underneath her. 

Being a 45 year old woman with endometriosis and adenomyosis, the path to 

But from this experience, one thing is important. Bianca still has hope. 

She opened up this morning with Mike and Bob, detailing the joy and elation of falling pregnant, the roller coaster of emotions in between and then finally being dealt the devastating blow when she found out the pregnancy was not viable. 

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One of the great things about what I do for a living is that it gives me a platform to share the good the bad and the farkin ugly from my/our life I’m not going to lie and say I’m “Brave” for sharing because I have been living my life in the public eye since I was 23 years old and it’s really all I’ve known… I have always found comfort in sharing my story . I think in the industry I work in it’s really important to remind people that in between all the good fun showbizzy "stuff" we also have lots of shit stuff going on as well and that’s what makes us relatable human beings?! I have smelly breathe, worry about my super, struggle with my family shit, have put on heaps of weight and forget friends birthdays too!!!? we live the same life as everybody else – just on the radio. The amount of people in my industry that constantly do picture perfect photo shoots of picture perfect lives I think do a lot of damage .ugh 🤮 It’s NOT REAL. What IS real is what so many women go through all the time and that is miscarriages. there is no way in the world I’m asking for sympathy or saying that I am different and that I deserve any more hugs and words of kindness than anybody else.. GOD NO. I just know that sharing this was powerful to do because of the amount of messages you guys have sent me!! Holy smoke. I’m talking hundreds of messages sharing the most incredible stories loss, hope, heartbreak & miracles! u people blow my tiny mind!!!! Hearing stories from you about how one lady also had a miscarriage at 9 weeks but then went onto have a beautiful baby who is now 14 have just given me the most incredible hope… I actually had no idea the stigma around miscarriage was so crap until I talked about it and SO many of you said “thank God ! YES KEEP TALKING” because I have been trying to talk about it and it is so taboo and hearing you talk about it has made it a wee bit be easier for me Bee and maybe a bit easier for someone else to start a conversation at home or in their workplace or wherever it may be about something so many people find very uncomfortable to talk about and yet something so many of us struggle though… #miscarriage #ivf #ttc #loss #pain #love #hope

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We’ve all been on this IVF journey with her, as have you as loyal listeners, and the outpouring of love, empathy and compassion has been overwhelming. 

But there’s one amazing thing to come out of this. Bianca and Jay are going back to see the doctor tomorrow. This chapter is not over. 

We are sending our support, love and prayers her way and hope that the next round of IVF bears better news. 

Just one of many Brisbane families who have been through the elation and heartbreak involved in trying to conceive, fertility issues and IVF.