The past 24 hours has seen plenty of speculation and rumours in regards to the decades long feud between our own Bianca Dye and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here evictee Ajay Rochester.

And we finally got our hands on the unaired audio Ajay eluded to in our interview with her that explains why she suddenly cut Bianca out of her close friendship circle all those years ago. 

Here’s the audio from Channel 10 of Ajay’s recollection of what happened while in the jungle… 

Ajay Rochester Explains Her Feud With Bianca Dye In I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Bianca has some strong words to say in her right of reply. 

“I don’t sell out my friends…” Bianca said on air this morning. 


“It didn’t happen. I did not sell her out.

“I remember her cutting me off in such a brutal, horrible way. She didn’t even let me explain myself and I’m like ‘I never did that to you’.

“I’m sorry she’s still holding onto this grudge. It didn’t happen. That’s not how I play.

“I wish her all the best… and I hope everything works out for her.”

 Bee admits she was good friends with the journalist that headed up Sydney’s Confidential page in the newspaper at the time and was often mistaken for being the one to sell other media personalities out. 

But she vehemently denies doing anything to throw Ajay under the bus. 


“I’m more likely to leak something about myself, you know what I mean?” she continued.   

“I know how to do publicity I know how to play the game!”

Listen to our initial interview with Ajay Rochester after she was evicted from the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here jungle.