Most of us have put on weight at one time or another and gotten on the scales and gotten a bit of a shock when we looked down… 

Bianca knew she had put on a bit of weight – going through IVF hormones and an emotional rollercoaster after miscarrying a pregnancy. 

But having not weighed herself in 12 months, she had no idea how much weight she had put on. 

She just knew that she was the biggest that she has ever been. 

Not to say she doesn’t love the skin she’s in, she just wasn’t feeling as healthy or physically well. 

So after one of her first personal training sessions recently, Bee decided to let her trainer weigh her and write her weight down on a piece of paper. 

This week she revealed to Brisbane what her weight currently is… 


And she got a bit of a shock. 

At first guessing she weighed around 79 kilos, she later found out she in fact weighs 88.7 – meaning 18kg weight gain. 

It’s only the start of her journey to getting fitter and healthier and happier. We wish her all the best and can DEFINITELY relate. 

(The boys have now lovingly nicknamed her Expo)…

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