It all started when Bianca’s partner got upset that she still owns the stuffed toy she got for her 30th birthday… from her ex!

“It’s because I sleep with him [Dog Dog, that is] between my thighs but can I explain why? I’ve got a bad lower back so I’m always getting acupuncture and osteopathy and stuff, and he said to sleep with a pillow,” she explained. “I couldn’t find a pillow so I put Dog Dog between my knees… and he acts like a little barrier.”

“There’s lots of tears in him. I’ve moved around a lot in radio, and he’s one of the consistencies in my life… When I had a miscarriage, I cried into him.”

What does Mike think? “No more Dog Dog!”

We asked the callers for some suggestions on what Bianca could do, and they came back with some great ideas. But, it was a truckie who came up with the best solution!

Watch the video above to find out Bianca’s decision!

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