With just 42 days until Christmas we’ve been reminiscing on some of the fun and not-so-fun parts of the holiday.

Starting with the music. And it seems that Brisbane, you are very passionate about your Christmas carols and songs.

So passionate that we had James from Carseldine call in with an interesting idea.

“I’ve got a bone to pick,” James began.

“I’ve heard you guys talking about Brisbane’s fav and least fav Christmas songs right…And none of these songs are about my Christmas.

“No one is dreaming of a white Christmas here, because if it’s a white Christmas here it’s hailing!


“Why can’t we have an Aussie Christmas carol something that talks about the stifling heat, the Christmas bbq or the backyard cricket, Christmas beers in the pool, grandpa snoring on the couch because his paper hat is stuck to his head with sweat.

“What I’d like to hear is a special Brissy Christmas song.

“If I had any musical ability I’d do it myself – but I challenge someone to write a Brisbane Christmas carol.”

You know what James, we might just have to say challenge accepted.

Off to the drawing board we go!