Jessica Rowe may give off an air of being put together with a good job, a pretty face and a perfect family. 

But in her new book ‘Diary Of A Crap Housewife’ she admits she’s like pretty much all of us – just doing the best they can. 

The self confessed crap housewife admits that cooking and cleaning are not her strengths. But she’s perfectly fine with that. 

And instead of just showing off a perfectly curated Instagram feed of life’s highs, she’d rather just try to be authentic. 

We asked about the time she almost poisoned here family with an accidental addition to a dinner recipe, the time she almost burnt the house down and an interesting household chores that one of her daughters had NO idea existed… 


Bianca Mike and Bob also spoke candidly to Jessica Rowe about her struggle with postpartum depression after the birth of her two daughters, and the hard conversation she had to have with her husband, Peter Overton, admitting that she might need help. 

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