First thing’s first. Bianca Dye is OBSESSED with Mark Wahlberg (and I mean, do you blame her?).

So we thought we’d get her good with an April Fool’s Prank. 

Her reaction is brilliant. 

And the entire team were in on it. 

We told Bianca that after years of trying, we finally scored ourselves a chat with Wahlberg via phone link – on the premise we came in early Monday morning to record… 


Punctuality isn’t normally Bee’s strong suit, but she made sure she was here EARLY this morning. 

After prepping all weekend for the interview, it all began as expected. 

Our audio producer was on the other end of the phone, pulling the strings and pedalling Mark Wahlberg audio grabs over the line. 

But Bee was (semi) quick to notice that her much beloved Marky Mark seemed a little cold over the phone, avoiding some questions altogether. 

Watch her reaction when she finds out it’s all been fake! 



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