Bianca is calling on advice from the parents of Brisbane – Do you need to meet your partner’s ex if there are children involved?

Bee has been with her partner, Jay, for over a year and the pair share his daughter 50% of the time with her mother. 

Aside from being in the same building at the daughter’s Christmas concert briefly, the pair has not met. 

How important is it in a blended family for the current partner to meet the ex-partner if the child is often in their care. 

And how do you go about navigating that meeting?

Mike shared a memory of a lovely moment where he confronted his son’s step dad in a chance meeting to thank him for treating Jake well. 

Is it best when it naturally happens at an event? Or did you set up an official meeting to rip off the bandaid? 


Bee wants any advice she can get from the parents of Brisbane…

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