In celebration of Bianca’s 45th birthday, she decided to pen down her thoughts. Most of you can probably relate to the fear and dread a birthday can bring. You’re one year older, and that’s scary. This is how Bianca’s been feeling… until today, when she came to the realisation that she’s actually lucky to be able to celebrate such a milestone of a birthday.

“For some reason, this particular birthday has been looming at me, looking at me in the mirror like a cranky Nana,” she explained. 

“Let’s dig a little deeper and find out why this particular birthday is poignant for me.”

She made a very moving comment that we should all remember as we approach another birthday – “Some people don’t even get to have a 45th birthday.” 

We were so inspired by Bianca’s letter that we just had to share it with you all, and hope that it helps you whenever you feel anxious about turning a year older. It’s certainly helped us.

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