Alisha and Glenn from Bachie in Paradise were a vision of love at first sight.

They made us all have a lot of hope for the future, it was pure, it was beautiful and guess what guys? It was also television!

The real world is harder to navigate without bubble baths, candles and beautiful people everywhere.

People have been talking about how the duo might have cheated on one another and it broke hearts everywhere, but the real story has come out.

Alisha recently came clean on the Shameless podcast, discussing what happened.

“As a couple we’ve never tried to hide what happened after Paradise, I think people assumed we were going to and they weren’t happy with that, so they jumped the gun for us,” she revealed.

Some snakes from the show leaked those details which is COLD.


However, Alisha was very candid in this interview and broke down the timeline for us!

“When we left Paradise, we both flew back into Sydney and spent a week together and then Glenn flew back to Perth,” Aitken-Radburn said.

“A week after, he FaceTimed me and said ‘we’ve got to speak about something’.”

Did your heart just stop? same.

We all know that ‘the talk’ means two things.

1- We need to break up


2- I did something horrendous to you

It was the latter.

Glenn was at a bucks party in Perth and, in Alisha’s words “shared a kiss”, with Helena Sauzier.

“Obviously I was broken, this was meant to be my fairytale, and this sucks”, Alisha explained.

“I genuinely believed that he had made a really horrific mistake, I bought that,” which is so understandable.

If you’re in a grown up adult relationship, you can understand that the duo were obviously struggling with adjusting to reality after the show was over, especially being split up across country.


Alisha said that she had one condition and that was for Glenn to ring her mum to explain what happened…AND HE DID IT?!

A brave man, and proof that he really regretted what happened.

However, while still being in a negative headspace, Alisha revealed that she’d slept with Scott Fuller a week after that.

“The weekend after, me sitting in my hurt, how heartbroken I was, that manifested in a really unhealthy way and at a party I slept with Scott.

I think this decision is what has made so many people negatively react to the pair (Especially Alisha) and it is understandable.

HOWEVER, the duo have had discussion and obviously worked through it and that’s THAT on healthy relationships with communication!


Don’t get these two confused with the Ciarrans and Kikis of the world, they’re the real deal, with Alisha having announced she’d moved across the bloody country to be with Glenn!

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