In what could easily be considered one of the most iconic covers of Australian history, The Wiggles cover of Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant’ swept the charts!

Since winning the Hottest 100, The Wiggles have been truly living their best life. The Wiggles have wiggled their way into performances on stage alongside Kevin Parker (aka Tame Impala) and Robert Irwin.

And now Blue Wiggle Anthony Field has gotten himself a bloody big tattoo to celebrate the victory!


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Anthony (with his signature style & groovy floral shirt) headed into the tattoo parlour with hopes, dreams & a bit of ‘sh*tting myself’ energy!

But genuinely, what a great tattoo! I couldn’t guess who that muscly man is, but good for him for completing every mum’s dream and making it onto Anthony Wiggle’s arm.


Anthony is an icon, heart throb and now he’s carrying a cool uncle vibe that everyone is jealous of!

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