Nobody puts Calum in the corner… 

Singer Calum Scott absolutely wowed us with an impromptu performance of “Dancing On My Own” with just Audio Producer Brett and his ukulele in our segment “Uke Can Do It”. 

Jaw droppingly beautiful. 

The man can sing. 

Watch the full video above. 

The former Britain’s Got Talent contestant also opened up to us and spoke candidly about his own coming out story, where his mother embraced him with open arms but his friends weren’t so receptive. 


We also found out how Calum got  his first break… And it’s a hilarious sibling story that could happen in any household. 

The young singer was reportedly locked in his room singing along to the radio when his sister overheard.

Instead of teasing him mercilessly, she nominated him for a karaoke competition – without him knowing – and forced him into his first performance. 

The rest is history. 


Oh siblings! We think Calum might be grateful of this one though!