Carole Baskin recently debuted on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and it was… killer!

I’m come to accept that everything she does in life will be ‘big cat themed’ so of course she danced to ‘Eye of the Tiger.’

Interviewing with ET, Baskin opens up about her upbringing and why she has to work that little bit harder on the dancing show.

Carole admitted that dancing doesn’t come naturally to her, as she was discouraged from a young age to do it.

“I went to a Christian school, so at home I couldn’t dance, at school I couldn’t dance. [There] was no part of my life when I was allowed to dance… I was taught that it was a sin, so it was something where I tried to resist it in every way.”

“I think it shows today… I really have a hard time embracing it.”


TAKING THAT INTO CONSIDERATION, she is doing an incredible job!

Look at her little sinful feet waltz away!

Baskin’s mission is to bring awareness to the suffering of big cats in American and so she’s themed her entire time on Dancing with the Stars after cats.

With ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ an obvious choice, the Viennese Waltz set to ‘What’s New Pussycat’ and her next dance will be to the ‘Lion King’ tune.

The theme is strong and we hope she makes it to the end!


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