Twitter went into meltdown last night in the U.S.A.

As you know, Carole Baskin is on this year’s U.S. TV show, Dancing with The Stars but sadly, last night she was eliminated.

Of course, that’s not the reason why Twitter went into meltdown, the reason was because of the RIDICULOUS outfit she wore.

So, the episode was Disney themed and they danced to The Lion King’s “Circle of Life” and they dressed poor Carole in a really cheap, tacky lion’s outfit that literally looked like it was from The Reject Shop…

It was terrible.

Of course the Twitterverse weighed in:


You can watch her final performance here:

“If you’re wondering how deep into a global pandemic we are, here’s Cat Lady and potential husband killer Carole Baskin dancing the Samba to Circle of Life from Lion King dressed like a hybrid between the Lion from Wizard of Oz and Grizabella from Cats,” one user wrote.


What are your thoughts?

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