She might be known for stirring up drama in the Love Island Australia villa but is she really an actress?

According to recent rumours, the latest evictee of the reality show, Cassidy McGill is actually an aspiring actress who was paid to go on the show and create various feuds and conflict.

The news came after the 23-year-old, who’s occupation was listed as a bartender on the official Love Island website, was found to have starred in various commercials, music videos and even had extra roles on Neighbours.

Some serious investigators even found her acting profile on the StarNow website, claiming to be an ‘Actor, Extra, Model’ who is looking to expand her “experience in the acting industry”.

The recent evictee came on the air with Kyle and Jackie O this morning to discuss her time in the villa when they asked her about the rumour. Cassidy told us that the rumour was absolute rubbish.

“Look I get it I’m a Margot Robbie lookalike,” she joked. “But no I was not a paid actress. I was genuinely in there looking for love. I can’t help that I resemble probably the most beautiful actress in the world. Come on guys, give me a break.”

At least she can joke around about it! Cassidy went on to explain that she truly took part in the show with the purpose of walking out at the end with a partner for life and this was evidenced in the fact that she gave things with Grant such a red hot crack.


“Look it’s very easy to do in there, the mood’s just right, you’re in a beautiful villa, you’re in Spain, you’ve got topless men everywhere. There’s a lot of emotions running through that Villa,” explained Cassidy. “I thought I was going to go in and give it a crack and I did.”

While speaking with Cassidy, Kyle and Jackie were also curious to find out why she and Tayla were both obsessed with Grant. What did he have that the other guys didn’t?


“You know what I love that he was a Bogan,” admitted Cass. “I’m a bogan myself, so bogans attract bogans I guess.”

Well we don’t know about you being a bogan Cass, but we certainly reckon you were the best drama queen that the show absolutely needed! We’ll miss you on the next episodes!