Ali Oetjen’s appearance on Bachelor In Paradise was relatively drama-free but as soon as she left our screens it was a different story.

Her ex from the show began telling a explicit story about how Ali had cheated on him with one of his friends and as a result rumours began circling that it might actually cost her the title of The Bachelorette.

The rumour mill was abuzz yesterday that an eye-opening interview that Kyle and Jackie O conducted with Ali’s ex Grant was causing channel 10 to consider dumping Ali as their next leading lady on the franchise.

According to NW magazine, the negative response from the public after Ali was first announced as The Bachelorette also contributed to the possibility of dumping her.

“Before Grant’s story even came out, fans were already outraged, calling her boring. It’s a bit of a disaster!” said a source to NW.

The rumours also stated that her replacement would be none other than a favourite from Richie’s season of the Bachelor, Nikki Gogan. The source claimed that Nikki might be better received by viewers.

But since this Bachelorette bombshell made the rounds Channel Ten have since come out denying it completely and defended their choice to have Ali as the face behind the reality series.


“Network Ten is looking forward to Ali finding love on The Bachelorette Australia later this year,” said a spokeswoman for the network.

So there you have it, straight from the Horses Mouth! Ali will be finding love on The Bachelorette later this year.

And if you take the same approach as Kyle and Jackie O, this new, cheeky Ali might actually be more interesting to watch than the Vanilla one that we were expecting.

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