Chrissy Teigen has proven once again why she is the Queen of clapbacks after an Instagram user questioned whether she had “dropped 50 lbs overnight or has cancer”.

The comment was posted on Teigen’s Instagram on a post sharing her some of the details of her skincare routine.

She told fans that she had been feeling proud of the way she looks recently, offering some of the details behind her “simple (no) routine”.

“For you kind folks asking me to drop the skincare regimen, I will admit I am def proud of my skin lately and feeling myself! I kind of use whatever is closest”

For some reason, not everyone was on board with Teigen’s look, with one user commenting that Chrissy doesn’t look like Chrissy in the post.


“Ok…this isn’t her or some app that changed her face. I had to look back and forth like 4 times…either she dropped 50 lbs overnight or has cancer…this isn’t right”, the comment reads.

Teigen clapped back with a short, sweet shutdown.

“Which would you prefer?” the model replied.

And while other commenters piled on with messages of support for Teigen, the Instagram user doubled down.

“Your bone structure is prominent and recognizable…this shot, looks like a completely different person. Did 2-3 double takes. How did you do it?” the user wrote before going on to apologise for the lack of tactfulness in another comment.

Of course, Chrissy didn’t leave it there, questioning the user about why they were continuing with their line of questioning after the initial comment’s response.


“Why are you carrying on with this?? Why do you think I owe you anything especially after what you’ve said? You know you don’t actually know me in real life, right? Thank God” Teigen wrote.

Just another reminder why you don’t show up in Chrissy comments unannounced.