Be still my heart. 

Cole Sprouse has a new movie coming out and going by the trailer, we are going to be bawling our eyes out throughout the entire thing. 

Five Feet Apart follows the love story of two cystic fibrosis patients trying to navigate their way through their illness, life and undeniable connection. 

Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until March 22 to see the full feature, but this teaser trailer already has us hooked. 

“Teenage attraction gets complicated when touching is not an option, but the pair quickly learns that the possibilities are endless, even if it means staying out of reach,” the synopsis reads. 

“Living on borrowed time means making every moment count, and as the challenges mount, Will and Stella will discover a strength within themselves and each other that transcends the distance between them.”

Of course Cole plays a brooding, rebellious but lovable type. And going by the performance of co-star Haley Lu Richardson, we think we’ll be seeing A LOT more of her in the future. 


Can. Not. Wait. (But we will definitely have the tissues on standby!)