Could you love me anyway? It’s the question hit Aussie singer Conrad Sewell asks in his new single by the same name.

And after hearing him perform the track in an acoustic cover our answer is one hundred percent, a resounding YES!!

Conrad Sewell came into the KIIS studios to perform a stripped down version of ‘Love Me Anyway’ and while the original is already incredibly emotionally driven, this acoustic has given us actual goose bumps.

All it takes is an acoustic cover to prove just how naturally talented an artist is, and Conrad Sewell clearly has INSANE talent.

Hear his acoustic of Love Me Anyway in the video above!

Conrad joined Kyle and Jackie O after performing the song when they asked him who this song, and all of his other heartbreaking love songs are written about.


“You wrote all of these songs about a particular girl,” Kyle said.

“Who is this girl?” asked Jackie.

“No one knows and actually no one really can know,” Conrad revealed. “That would just bring up a whole lot of other sh*t that I don’t want to deal with. That’s album number two.”

“That relationship is good,” Conrad continued. “We actually, it ended fine… She was the first girl that changed my life. She’s the first girl that really taught me something. She introduced me to a different world.”

Conrad also told us that he’s about to go on his biggest tour that he’s ever done around Australia, so if you want to see those pitch perfect vocals in live action that’s going down in May and June this year!

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