Constance Hall has delivered a message that has really resonated with the women of Australia. 

In just 48 hours a video that Hall has posted to her on social media channels has seen 4 million views, almost 100k reactions and a massive 20k comments.

The video message may stem from Constance’s experience with getting death threats, being mercilessly bullied online and the impact adult’s actions make on the young and vulnerable; but we are very glad to say that the feedback on the post has been the exact opposite. 

And the overwhelming support and love has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated by the woman herself. 

The mother of seven joined Bianca Dye for a session of Baring All With Bee to talk all things Dancing With The Stars and how Constance got to where she is now. 

One thing that really struck a nerve with us was how our actions can impact the younger generation, or even our peers.


When it comes to online bullying and hurling abuse towards celebrities, media personalities, politicians, reality TV contestants… the list goes on… we all need to be held accountable for our actions and we cannot normalise that behaviour. 

Because that ‘new normal’ basically reinforces that the behaviour is okay for our teenagers and children to do the same in the schoolyard. 

Constance also firmly believes that if we see this behaviour in our friends and family, we need to call them out on it. 

And her message is absolutely bang on. 

We can’t wait to see what she comes up with during Dancing With The Stars. 

Hall is joining the reality TV franchise with the hope to raise money for her affiliated charity Rafiki Mwema, aiming to make it a household name. 


The charity aims to support, educate, feed and empower children across Kenya who are facing severe hardship. 

WATCH Constance Hall’s full inspirational message against bullying on her social media channels below. WARNING: Explicit language is used throughout. 

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