When we hear a story about online impersonation, we often think to ourselves, ‘that’ll never happen to me.’ But, how sure are we? It happens more than you think, and it could be happening to you right now without you even knowing. 

Jacinta Tynan recently opened up about her own experiences of being impersonated on the dating site, Bumble. “There’s a woman on there with the same name as me, same profession, who looks exactly like me. She even has my kids. To the naked eye, she totally is me. Except she’s not.” 

Out There: A Survival Guide for Dating in Midlife author Kerri Sackville, opened up about her own experiences dealing with impersonators on online dating sites. 

“It’s happening all the time, and in fact, it’s happening with people stealing random people’s identities,” she told us. “A friend of mine once thought she was chatting to Vin Diesel on a dating app.” 

Online impersonation has become even easier now, with so many people ‘catfishing’ others on social media sites. 

So, how do you know if you’re being impersonated or ‘catfished’ by an impersonator? 

“The reverse image search is a great tool if you’re talking to someone that you think have stolen images somewhere online,” she told us. “I was once having a chat to someone who looked like a male model. He said he was a Venture Capitalist but seemed to know nothing about venture capitalism… so I did a reverse image search and it turned out that the photos were taken from a model website overseas.”


Hear more about Kerri’s experiences, and a rather frightening encounter a caller had, below. 

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