Grandma to be Terri has revealed what she would like to be called, and we’re not surprised it’s linked to an animal name!

Bindi revealed Terri’s new name in an interview stating, “We spent a long time searching for Grandma names that also had an animal link.”

“We decided that she’s going to be called ‘Bunny’”, Terri explained how the name choice was largely linked to her childhood, where growing up in Oregon her neighbour down the street was always called ‘Bunny’.

“It only just dawned on us that it wasn’t her name but rather what everyone called her since she was a grandmother figure to the entire neighbourhood.”

Younger brother Robert Irwin also revealed the special name he will be going by.

“Robert has decided that ‘uncle’ needed an upgrade and he’s now calling himself the ‘Funcle’, meaning ‘fun uncle’.

As for the baby’s name, we will have to wait ‘til early April to find out all the details. For now, the couple is referring to their baby-to-be as their ‘Wildlife Warrior Princess’.


We think the names are cute! What do you think about Bunny and Funcle?